Marina Assn. Offers Cooperation with Maritime Revenue Task Force


The Association of Bahamas Marinas extends congratulations to the Prime Minister and his government on the development of the much-needed maritime revenue task force. The association is willing to cooperate with this initiative through communication, data sharing, and strategic partnerships.

There are many opportunities in the maritime space for government revenue increase, Bahamian employment, and entrepreneurship. The ABM is embarking on an economic impact analysis of the boating, yachting, and marina industry to provide the verified data needed to improve policy and planning decisions in the public and private sectors.

Recently, some proposed amendment bills for the Boat Registration Act, Boat Registration Act (Yacht Rules), and the Harbour Dues Act were shared on social media networks. These documents have caused panic, confusion, and deep concern in the boating/yachting and marina industry. The immediate reaction from stakeholders, highlight some sharp contrasts in the vision for the maritime industry.

While the opinions of individual members may be expressed in public forum, they do not represent the position of the Association of the Bahamas Marinas (ABM) as a collective.

The association acknowledges the need for these Acts to be amended, a process in which consultation with the private sector is vital. The ABM is made up of 41 marina members, representing 98% of the marinas in the country, and 60 allied members. The association offers our deep reserve of expertise on a variety of aspects in the maritime industry to help grow this cherished industry.