International Investor awards the Bahamas Financial Services Board and CEO & Executive Director for “Best Regional Finance Centre 2023” and “CEO of the year 2023”


Recently, The Bahamas Financial Services Board and Dr. Tanya McCartney, CEO & Executive Director were awarded this year’s “Best Regional Finance Centre” and “CEO of the Year” by International Investor. International Investor is both an online and printed publication providing information and news on topics such as world markets, industry analysis, breaking trends, investing opportunities, and c- suite level interviews.

International Investor’s awardees are nominated by industry experts using a wide range of criteria and multiple research platforms. The criteria include leadership, innovation, proof of development, digital transformation, CSR, tax regulations, banking system (country), financial system stability (country), and accessibility to international markets.

Upon receiving the awards, CEO and Executive Director, Dr. Tanya McCartney noted that:

“The Bahamas has always sought to provide superior financial products and services and a world-class client experience. It has proven itself to be nimble and responsive to global changes – always mindful of the need to adhere to international standards with respect to compliance, cooperation, and transparency. This is complemented by the fact that the Bahamas is not only somewhere that offers bespoke private wealth management, but also a beautiful place to live and work in. We see this as a winning formula for the jurisdiction as we strive to enhance our competitive advantage.”