The Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe was recently on the island of Grand Bahama where he spoke to ZNS News concerning crime in the country. He says behavioral changes and community involvement can help in the crime fight.

“We are at this event for the Grand Bahama Children’s Home and this is very emblematic of what we face because of these young children don’t find a positive responsible home then they will find a home with gangs. So as the spouse of the Prime Minister says, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ either that village will be a positive village like the Grand Bahama Children Home or it’ll be a negative village like the gang.” Munroe also pointed to drug use, defiant behavior and mental illness as contributors to the higher crime rate.

As to the government’s monitoring system he said, “we ask for people to be monitored because we want to know where you are. If you’re gonna be released and we think you pose a risk, we want to know where you are. And so that is why we ask for people to be monitored.”

The minister said if we don’t take responsibility as individuals in the community we will not correct our children who are reeking havoc. He says it is as simple as that.