Plans have been announced for a $200 million investment on Discovery Bay, Grand Bahama. The Weller Development Company will be developing a Six Senses Resort, which is set to begin construction in the next twelve to fourteen months.

Mark Weller, the developer of the project, spoke about how the project came to be. “Well we thought about it a lot and what we decided we want to do is purchase a piece of land that was available which was Discovery Bay and from there we began looking for a user. We went through a process coming up with different ideas and we were incredibly fortunate to meet the team at Six Senses and they became very interested in the site after we showed them all the benefits and how beautiful it was.”

Plans for the resort include an experience center, artist studios, relaxed meeting spaces, a fitness center and Six Senses spa. The project is now in the planning stage, architects are working on a plan and work is being done to acquire the requisite permits to begin.