The temporary loss of nineteen passports at the Passport Office is currently under investigation by the Royal Bahamas Police Force.  Chief Passport Officer Kingsley Smith says the passports going missing was intentional and not human error.

He assures that citizen’s personal information and passports are secure.  He said, “there’s not compromise of documents.  Its an isolated incident where, again, blank passport books were just moved from one location to the next.  Nothing personal to any citizen as to their documents or the integrity of the books, nothing on that level was compromised.”

Smith also explained security measures used in passports. “There are chips stored in the book, a microchip that all that all the information is stored so when you go through the airport the information, at the border, would be retrieved from this chip.  Once we would have noticed that those books were missing they were immediately turned down in the system, rendering those books useless.”

Smith did not comment on any possible correlation between the passports going missing temporarily and recent immigration issues.