Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Mario Bowleg launched the National Youth Guard Program on Grand Bahama this week. The intention of the program is to prepare young Bahamians for service in the event of a national emergency.

An initial group of one hundred will receive training at the Police Training College on the island for the next three months.

Head of Youth Division, Sendena Neely outlined the training that participants will receive. “They’re going to be having physical training, drill training conducted by the Defense Force and the Police Force. They’re also going to be in classrooms. We from the Division of Youth are going to be teaching them about character building resilience, about nationhood and citizenship and how important that is. They’re also going to be receiving training on disaster management, shelter management, preparedness, mitigation, recovery, they’re also going to get conservation training.”

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture met with the new trainees outside of the Police Training College. The Minister expressed his happiness that so many young people came forward to serve the country.