Paving works on Gladstone Road corridor progressing steadily


The Gladstone Road paving project is progressing steadily.

Now into the third week of paving, Bahamix General Manager, Ryan Rahming said the work, which is scheduled in phases, is moving more smoothly than anticipated and expected to soon reach the half-way mark — just beyond Fire Trail Road.

The project’s scope of works begins at Rubis, Gladstone Road and ends at Carmichael Road. 

“The work entails using a milling machine to remove a specific depth of old asphalt surface [which] we cut down to an inch-and a-half. We truck that away and lay an inch-and-half of fresh asphalt. We [then] compact and roll it to the existing line and level,” said Mr. Rahming.

With no unforeseen circumstances to date, traffic management is operating as planned.

“There are some hiccups in the process and it’s usually during the paving aspects of the job,” said Mr. Rahming. “During the milling the traffic is allowed to move where we allow them to move and not in the path of the milling machine. We allow them to flow when the milling machine process is taking place. When there is paving and the hot asphalt is very soft and impressionable, we want to stop traffic and not allow [it] to move through while the asphalt is being placed on the road.

“The traffic component of the project is probably the most difficult aspect — trying to allow business owners and their employees to have access to their places of business,” he added.

Mr. Rahming said the public was informed of the road paving project through a notice, continuous dialogue and door-to-door distribution of flyers.
“We’ve had very little complaints from residents and we’ve been allowing them access to their properties,” he said.

Bahamix has scheduled paving works from 9:30 pm to 3:30 am for the duration of the project. The department apologizes for any inconvenience and asks the motoring public to be understanding and patient.

Established in 1981, Bahamix manufactures and supplies asphalt for private and government sectors including the Ministry of Public Works’ pothole patching crews. 

By KATHRYN CAMPBELL/Bahamas Information Services