National Security Consultant, Dr. Carlos Reid spoke with ZNS News in the wake of the country’s latest murder which occurred at the Harbour Bay Shopping Center on Monday evening.

Reid, who knew the victim said, “Tennison was definitely a son to me.  He had his challenges and I believe that so many of us have our challenges.”

Dr. Reid went further stating, “I believe that what we’re seeing in our country ought to be a wake up call to all of us.  What are we preparing?”  He continued, “I believe that we have to be more systematic.  How do we deal and help this young people to cope with some of these situations that they’re seeing happening in their homes and prepare them to be able to embrace a future or we’ll continue to be piling up people in cells at BDOCS (Bahamas Department of Correctional Services).”

The Pastor of The Hope Center says he believes people should be celebrated for their gifts and not their issues.  He offers this advice, “when you know that you come out of BDOCS, you awaiting trial because you hurt somebody, man you have to lie low, can’t be out there like that.  We had 128 murders last year, 47 of them were persons that were out on bail murder.  We already had 82 murders this year and almost 30 of those are persons that been out on bail for murder.  We gatta do better.”