Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis announced in a statement on Tuesday that he had recommended Cynthia Alexandria Pratt as the next Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  Mrs. Pratt is a former Parliamentarian, the first female Deputy Prime Minister of the country as well as the first woman sworn in as Minister of National Security.  She has also acted in the capacity as Deputy to the Governor General on several occasions.

Mrs. Pratt, affectionately called ‘Mother’ gave her reaction to the news.  “I’m humbled, I’m thankful and I give God the praise.  And this time I publicly would like to thank my Prime Minister for considering me and of course the Bahamian people  who’ve supported me these many years,” she said.

Pratt also spoke about the many capacities she has occupied that helped to prepare her for this next role.  “I’ve sat in so many seats before of leadership.  If you can recall Prime Minister had a massive stroke and I was thrust in to the leadership of the country.”

The future Governor General also spoke of what she would like her legacy to be.  “I want my people to know there once was a woman from the inner city who God had lift up from the pit to the palace.  That its most important for God to get the glory.”

Cynthia Pratt will become the twelfth Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.