New Providence Agro Village Breaks Ground


from the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources

The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources has recognized the international success of AgroVillages to significantly increase economic growth and employment generation in the agriculture sector.

Agro Villages, also known as Agro Parks, are a system of agricultural innovations that have been used to resolve the fundamental issues affecting food production. The systems such as production, food processing, labs, research, development, and retail services form the clusters of businesses that will utilize and benefit from the Agro Village.

This epicenter will provide incubation and production improvements to businesses in this urban community. The incubation will increase the efficiency of technology and methods of farming, post- harvest handling, processing and marketing operations. This will lead to an increase in food production and a decrease in the cost of production.

Increasing production will also increase employment opportunities for persons in activities such as handling, packaging, processing, transporting, and marketing of food and agricultural produce.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources’ (MAMR) mission is to facilitate the enabling environment for the modernization of the food and agriculture system in The Bahamas through the creation of an agro-industrial cluster that will generate a sustainable agricultural based infrastructure.

The objective of the AgroVillage is to provide a location for stakeholders to equally benefit from co-creation and sharing of knowledge obtained from agro initiatives, good agricultural practices and agro-technology. This can be achieved through an efficient use of natural and human resources to:

  1. Create a space for the production of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Co-create and share sustainable gardening and agricultural practices.

  1. Encourage new and innovative value-added products to enter the local market while
    creating new income opportunities for residents.
  2. Give residents access to purchase fresh, healthy food to improve health.
  3. Reduce residents’ monthly food costs.
  4. Empower youth and build vocational skills.
  5. Support community food self-sufficiency.
  6. Provide recreational and community activities.
  7. Reduce food wastage
  8. Encourage recycling and repurposing of debris

Goal 1: Providing an optimal environment to foster a sustainable agricultural infrastructure for stakeholder’s establishment and operation.

Goal 2: Implementation of agricultural related community projects including but not limited to education collaboration.

Goal 3: Increase the use of agro technology and equipment in the field. Technology such as hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture and other adapted climate smart adapted technical practices.

Goal 4: Providing access to personnel and literature that are agriculture and business management based through training workshops.

Current Stakeholders for Agro-Village, New Providence
Bahamas public sector:
● Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources
● Bahamas Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, BAHSFA
● Ministry of Public Works
● Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute, BAMSI
● Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation, BAIC

Bahamas private sector:
● Producers
● Processors

● Agro input supply companies
● Consumers
● Distribution companies
● Retail and wholesale companies

Regional Agriculture Organizations:
● Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO
● Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, IICA
● Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, CARDI

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