Administrator of the Rand Memorial Hospital, Jessica Cartwright is speaking out on how the shortage of nurse is impacting health care in Grand Bahama.

“Last year we lost about nineteen nurses through resignations, this year we lost about fourteen. Now for Grand Bahama health services that is significant because we don’t normally see nurses resign and prior to 2019, prior to Dorian, our attrition rate for resignation in particular was under ten. And so, to see a number like nineteen and fourteen is significant for us and it does play a great deal on our deficits. Not only for the hospital but also for our community clinics and out community services.”

Cartwright went further saying, “not only internationally but some have gone into the private sector because of, at the time, better wages and as we both know the agreement has sought to rectify that for the PHA and the public nurses. The hours of work, well nurses work on their feet four twelve hour shifts and so it very hard on a nurse to ten to twelve hours to be up and down with patients. Sometimes again because of the shortage nurses pull double shifts, they work overtime and so as a result they do work some long hours.”

Cartwrights says despite the challenges PHA will continue to do their part to give residents the best service.