Sunday was observed as Palm Sunday the beginning holy week for those of the Christian faith. Many Bahamians took part in the observance of Palm Sunday at various churches around the country.

ZNS News spoke to several members of the clergy who commented on importance of the day. Associate Minister at Bethel Baptist Church, Rev. A. Dewitt Hutcheson said, “today in Christiandom Palm Sunday is the first of five very climatic days in the life of Jesus and by inference the Christian church. It is the day that Jesus owns up publicly to what his calling to this earth was all about to be the messiah.”

Parish Priest at St. Agnes Anglican Church, Archdeacon Keith Cartwright explained holy week. He said, “we have holy Monday, Tuesday and holy Wednesday which deal with Jesus each day going back into the temple to teach the people. Then there is Maundy Thursday which remembers Jesus’ last supper, the washing of his disciple’s feet then going put into the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives and there he watches and prays. He’s ultimately arrested and his trials begin.”

Cartwright went further stating, “our Lenten observance calls us to this rededication. It calls us to greater prayer life, a greater life of discipline in fasting and a greater life in taking care of the less fortunate. And so we still have time, those of us who may have slipped back a little bit since ash Wednesday to at least let this last week be a time of reflection, inward looking and really doing our very best.”