Government officials, past and present, led by Governor General His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Cornelius Smith viewed the body of former Commissioner of Police and diplomat Paul Farquharson at the Paul Farquharson Center on Wednesday.

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis spoke to reporters about Farquharson’s legacy saying, “he was the Commissioner of Police when we introduced the program of Urban Renewal in the inner city to assist in alleviating some of the challenges that our urban centers have and it won an international acclaim and award for the manner is which it was executed during that period. And he was the consummate police officer. He was always involved in trying to prevent crime and if he wasn’t able to prevent it, detecting it and ensuring that justice is done for all.”

Former Commissioner of Police and diplomat Ellison Greenslade also spoke highly of Farquharson whom he regarded as a mentor. “Farquharson brought unity, brought us all together as a family. He was approachable, one could walk up to him on any given day ask any question and would feel quite comfortable in his presence. Always looked out of his officers, you’ve hear Commissioner Fernander allude to that and wherever he went, wherever he went, he made it his point to make you feel apart of the team,” Greenslade said.

The funeral service for the late Commissioner of Police will be held on August 10th at Christ Church Cathedral.