Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Sen. Hon. Ryan Pinder spoke to members of the media outside of Cabinet on Tuesday about the ruling by Chief Justice Sir Ian Winder on the demolition of shanty towns.

Pinder said, “the judge ruled that the notice of the injunction was not adequately served on the applicable people that were enjoined. That does not foreclose us from proceeding under violations of the buildings regulations that was specific to the injunction which we wanted to proceed to test the injunction and test that matter in front of the courts. However, we certainly have every right to proceed with violations of the building regulations. We intend to proceed along that process.”

When ask about a timeline for demolitions the Attorney General referred to the action task force chaired by the Minister of Works. He also said, “certainly as for as the Attorney General’s Office is concerned we’ll put in the legal requirements and the legal processes to give the government the authority to proceed but as you can imagine its a very sensitive matter with respect to social assistance, with respect to Bahamian living in these structures and the government’s response to that. And all of those were on the remit of the committee.”