Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis attended the Association of International Bankers and Trust Companies Nassau Conference being held at the Bahamar Resort. While there the Prime Minister brought remarks. He told those in attendance, “the recent arrival and presence of the FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange underscores that readiness of The Bahamas to be a home for global leaders in the crypto space. Back in 2019, the Central Bank of The Bahamas launched the Sand Dollar, the world’s first digital currency. And earlier this year my government launched a policy whitepaper outlining the future of digital assets in The Bahamas.”

Mr. Davis also told the financial services professionals that The Bahamas wants to be at the forefront of digital assets, cryto currency and carbon credits. He went on to say, “my government is a strong advocate for this industry with an open door policy. Additionally, we committed ourselves to enhancing the east of doing business in The Bahamas. Some of the ways to achieve this are by revamping and streamlining processes at the Bahamas Investment Authority, the Registrar General’s Office, the Department of Inland Revenue and other agencies to become one of the most business friendly countries for local and foreign investors.”

The conference was a two day event that attracted more than two hundred delegates.