Police finds woman’s body off Marshall road


Investigations continue into the country’s latest homicide. The lifeless body of a female was found late Monday evening by police. Royal Bahamas Police force Press Liaison Officer ASP Audley Peters explains how the body was found.

“The information is a vehicle was driving through and as a result of walking on to the property they discovered the body of the victim.

“Our last report which would have been AM this morning we have no reports of any female reported missing” Peters said.

The body was laying on the ground near an abandoned building, through a track road off Marshall road.

The female is believed to be in her early 20’s and sustained blunt force injuries to the head. Police reported that they discovered the body fully clothed and in the early state of rigomortis.

“This is a residential area there is a house at the end of this street.

“It’s a possibility that it may be domestic based on the evidence that is lying around because there are significant information that is leading us to another direction and it seems to be very promising I can say.

“I want to take this opportunity to say to the members of the public who have been giving information to continue to do so.

“You would have realized today that we would have put a matter before the court that occurred on the 1st of January and that was because of the information that we would have received from members of the public” Peters said.