With the promise of the release of draft legislation on the legalization of medical cannibas from the Attorney General and the observance of 4 20, ZNS News spoke to an activist on the subject.

“We have to hold the government’s hand, not to say that we want to take over and we want to force our beliefs into them but we want to sit down, we want to sit at the table and we want to discuss these things that benefit all of us. In these couple months it just has been granted in the United State to federally research cannibas,” this from Glenwood Ferguson also known as Wood The Cannibas Doc.

Ferguson went further stating, “any person right now can go online search cannibas schools and you can now prepare yourself for this emerging, this dynamic industry that is to come.”

Advocating for the start of a hemp industry in The Bahamas, Ferguson said, “we have the mass for it, the population for it, we have the structure for it. Let’s grow hemp.”