Arawak Homes has announced its intention to name a housing development in honour of the late Nurse Jacquette Johnson who passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

At a ceremony announcing the move Arawak Homes President Franon Wilson said, “this particular one stood out because of the fact that this person during COVID when no vaccine was in site represented everything we wish our nurses on the frontline to be.”

President of the Nurses Association Nurse Joanna Curry was also at the ceremony and said, “nurses serve unselfishly with commitment and dedication. Nurses are there when others aren’t by choice or not. Nurses sacrifice much but are most times unappreciated, abused, misunderstood and overlooked. Today, this is changing here in The Bahamas by this one act of gratitude, recognition and pronouncement.”

Nurses Union President Muriel Lightbourne says that she hopes that other corporations would take the stand Arawak Homes has.