The Village Road improvement project has been ongoing for several months. Head of Knowles Construction, Emil Knowles updated reporters on the status of the road works and when it is expected to be complete.

“We are committed to working through the holidays. My guys have all agreed to work through the holidays to try and get that done for and within the first week of January of the new year. We won’t actually commence paving until the first week in January but the section from Montaqu Beach to Harmony Hill is virtually complete in terms of all of the infrastructure, or I should say, the underground infrastructure. What we are doing now is a pressure test to make sure that the water lines are holding and then we’ll connect all of the businesses and residents in that section at which time we’ll commence paving after doing some grading work.”

There has been outcry by the public at the inconvenience and delays of the completion of the road works. Knowles responded by saying, “we will have all of the holes all along Village Road, which I know is a nuisance, its more of a nuisance to me than anybody else, but we’ll have all of the holes closed by the end of the year and we’ll be working on the base. I plead with persons to give us a chance to work the road and stay of it as much as possible because its really difficult working under the constant traffic conditions.”