Hoopfest In Paradise was held over the weekend. High level high school basketball teams from the United States and The Bahamas played at the Kendal Issacs Gym.

Head Coach of Miami Northwestern, Melvin Randall told ZNS News of his teams efforts, “we had a slow start and not taking anything away from the Bahamian team but we started picking up towards the half and we played pretty good overall.”

Luke Barnwood, Head Coach of Sunrise Christian [KS] says he is proud of his team though they had to leave their star player at home. “Man I’m so proud of our kids. We’re missing John Bowe, our 7’2″, who is arguably our most important player due to visa and customs issues we didn’t think we could get him back to the US so we left him home. And when you leave out a big piece somebody has to step up and we literally used almost everybody in these two games.”