The country’s latest apparent suicide occurred this past weekend when the body of a man was discovered at a construction site in the capital. This after the body of another male was found in the area of Johnson Road last week.

Noted Psychologist, Dr. Wayne Thompson, weighed in on what seems to be a rise in suicides commenting on mental health. He said, “not feeling like their life is worthwhile, not feeling like they have a place, a purpose or meaning in life. This usually results in a depressive state and the psychological complications of depression causes an individual to want to get rid of that feeling. One of the most dangerous things for an individual to do is to make another human being their foundation. And so if something goes wrong and that person pulls out, the individuals entire world collapses.”

Dr. Thompson went on to advise those who may be experiencing deflation, abandonment, loss of income or simply feeling out of sorts saying, “if you are not comfortable speaking to a family member, I strongly advise you to seek someone who is confidential who you can express your thoughts to, what is best is to seek professional intervention.”