The Department of Labour is partnering with local high schools to rise awareness among high school seniors of the jobs available in the country. Labour officials spoke with the press about the new initiative. Acting Asst. Director of Labour, Simone Thurston, said, “we’re just back into the new school year so I am sure in short order we’ll be getting a call from the various guidance councilors to come in and speak to the high school students. Those are not ready for college just yet, those are the ones who come and they’re ready to start some type of employment opportunity, just to gain some type of skills or job experience.”

The Department is asking job seekers to contact them for assistance in finding work. Christopher Farrington, Department of Labour Team Leader said “there are many opportunities not only in New Providence, we have opportunities in Grand Bahama, San Salvador and also the cruise lines. The cruise lines are also encouraging Bahamians to come out and be a part of this new industry that’s expanding here, that’s in Eleuthera, that’s in Abaco. So you can reach out to any of our offices and we’ll be excited to assist you in getting that process started.”