Edison Sumner of Sumner Strategic Partners says he hopes to see particular attention paid to the attraction of foreign direct investment that goes beyond hotel construction. His comments came the day the budget communication was delivered in the House of Assembly by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Philip Davis.

Sumner said, “let’s see some other industries, lets see how we can diversify into other significant industries like the tech industry for example. How do we spend the money, the capital, to bring companies like the Amazons into The Bahamas to set up shop whether its in Grand Bahama even as far south as Inagua, Mayaguana whose got the land mass for these things to happen. And then I’d like to see also, we saw last year’s budget there was a significant sum that was identified to go towards small business development, unfortunately we did not see that materialize over the last fiscal year. So I’m hoping that we can see that number included again in this budget and not only see the numbers included in the budget but see some real actionable steps that follow that bring some real support and relief and providing new opportunities to the small business community in the country. Because not withstanding the large employers that we’ve got it is still the small businesses in the country that drives the daily economy of The Bahamas.”