A water only policy has been implemented on the campus of the T. A. Thompson Junior High School after a rise in students bringing alcohol to school.

School Principal Ishmael Smith spoke to ZNS News about the new measures. He said, “Tuesday at the gate as we do our bag checks any beverage that you have you need to consume it outside of the gate. And the only thing that will be allowed on campus at that time is water. If you bring your flask or container we may ask you to open it and check it if suspicion is there or if it is something that’s warranted and so that’s the first and immediate step. After that just heighten the sensitivity to be aware of students doing things are being places where they shouldn’t be for any inordinary amounts of time or students gathering or something being passed around outside of what would normally take place.”

Smith also appealed to parents to “be aware of what’s in your child’s bag or in a students bag when they leave home. Be cognizant of your students friends and the type of activities that they are getting into. Follow up with your student and check every now and then to see how things are going. And so those are the common things, secure any adult beverages or any beverages that should not be for children, secure them is an area where students or children will not have easy access.”