TDC Establishes Lobbying Body For Tourism Businesses


From the Tourism Development Corporation.

The Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) is seeking to establish a unified incorporated organization that will represent the interests of tourist-related businesses throughout The Bahamas. The Bahamas Association of Shore Experiences acts as a lobbying body to ensure inclusion in government benefits, policy-setting and input into legislative amendments of shore experiences.

BASE will include entrepreneurs and vendors of Air BNBs, members of organizations such as the Bahamas Diving Association, Bahamas Bridal Association, Association of Bahamas Marinas, tour operators, hair braiders, boutique resorts, taxi and surrey drivers, jet ski operators and more.

The umbrella organization will also aim to benefit its members by offering discounted services from TDC; the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travel Stamp inspection and decal; access to industry research; business development support from TDC; and group rates for liability insurance through the Bahamas Tours Alliance (BTA). The TDC will also work with stakeholders to boost their creativity and provide them with cutting edge sales and marketing techniques to enhance their customer engagement and
improve the customer experience.

BASE will also serve as a hub where stakeholders, who are interested in getting involved in the tourism sector can start a tour, get information and speak with the experts and like-minded individuals as they develop their concepts.

Norman Solomon, former Member of Parliament and owner of the legendary fashion store, Mademoiselle on Bay Street and the Adastra Gardens in Chippingham among other businesses, championed BASE in the 1970s to help to bring the limelight to local tourism businesses and give them a voice at a time when the industry was flourishing.