President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers Belinda Wilson made the rounds to various schools on the first day of the 2023-2024 school year on Monday.

While speaking with members of the media Wilson voiced concerns about the Acting Director of Education Dominique McCartney-Russell. According to Wilson the Acting Director has instructed teachers, who have yet to receive geographical allowances or assignment letters, to report to their assigned posts around the country or their salaries will be cut.

Wilson said of McCartney-Russell, “well we letting her know her time in that chair ga be cut if her attitude does not be checked at the door. We’ve said it to the Minister. We’ve said it to the Permanent Secretary. We’ve said it to the Acting Director and we’ve said it to her. And I’m also gonna let you know that I’m putting a formal letter together that will be going to all of those that I just mentioned above and also to the public service.”

In response to Wilson’s claims the Acting Director said, “in regards to those teachers who would not have received their geographical allowance they should receive those tomorrow and they will be able to move to their posting.”