The Head of the Rise Bahamas organization has expressed her interest in running for a seat in the House of Assembly in the next general elections slated for 2026.

Activist Terneille Burrows intends to run for the Elizabeth seat as an independent candidate.  Burrows told ZNS News, ” I think that the time is now.  As advocates and activists we’ve planted seeds and watered them now they’re blooming, they’re sprouting. Obviously its gonna take more than just activism to get stuff done and activism is something where you call for action to be done on an issue.  So my action this time around and the first time I ran is to present myself as an option for the people to elect, to fight for child protection and the constituency level concerns and creative industries, all the things that are near and dear to my heart.”

On why the people of Elizabeth should vote for her Burrows said, “over the past six years I’ve been involved in rearing some of your children and giving them basketballs and footballs and tennis balls when they’re out playing and don’t have anything to play with.  And because I actually care about what happens to you as a constituent, to us as a constituency and that I want The Bahamas to become a beacon for the world.”