The Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association have reconsidered their decision to halt the sale of diesel at various service stations.

Esso Station Owner George Cartwright said, “we pulled off this morning mainly because I think our president realized that we have a heart and today is a big cruise day. The taxi drivers, the tour buses and everything most of them operate off of diesel so we took that into consideration that we have to make sure that those guys are able to service our number one industry.”

Cartwright added, “the sad thing is, you know, we’re not requesting 100% margin increase. We’re asking for 7.8% on our existing margin. Just the other day I walked into Solomon’s on Harbour Bay to buy a loaf of bread, nine dollars, ain’ no one question it.”

President of the Bahamas Petroleum Retailer Association Raymond Jones told ZNS News, “I know the Prime Minister is a caring person. The discussion we have had with them they’ve been very clear that they understand out plight. We just need to get back to the table to finalize what we think is an agreement that was ready to be executed.”

Petroleum retailers have been lobbying the government for a rise in their profit margin for some time. Talks between the association and the government has reached a stalemate before the recent decision to halt diesel sales.