Tourism Development Corporation Announces Rebrand


The Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) announced a complete rebrand of the organisation during a relaunch and stakeholder collaboration meeting yesterday at Sapodilla Restaurant. The rebranding of the Corporation is being undertaken in an effort to expand support to tourism entrepreneurs. The new revised TDC programme will entail product development, strategizing new ways to enhance, rejuvenate and diversify the tourism product and business development, all toward the goal of widening entrepreneurship opportunities and strengthening existing tourism SME’s.

Over the past four years, the TDC has led the charge for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) development in tourism and hospitality steering Bahamians towards strategic entrepreneurial endeavours. Moving forward, the TDC also plans to foster a greater degree of collaboration within the sector, encouraging dialogue between tourism related businesses.

In its rebranded role, the TDC will also promote linkages between tourism and non- tourism sectors to increase cross functional relationships.

“The resounding theme of ‘Tourism is everybody’s business’ reminds all of us here this evening that strategic partnerships are vital to the success of everything we do in tourism,” said Dr. Kenneth Romer, Deputy Director General of Tourism and Acting Director of Aviation. “We will ensure that the Bahamian people have a Tourism Development Corporation that we can all own and be very proud of.”

Deputy Director General Romer expressed that Deputy Prime Minister Cooper in his absence, along with Team Tourism, pledge their full support for TDC’s relaunch,

The Tourism Development Corporation’s organisational priorities will include:

  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Linkage Creation
  • Sectoral Engagement

The TDC also plans to focus on engaging hotel brands for resort development while rejuvenating existing attractions; creating new ones; developing new tours and excursions and facilitating agritourism opportunities for Bahamian entrepreneurs.

Additionally, during the relaunch event, Rafique Symonette was announced as the incoming TDC Chairman, with a new Board of Directors comprised of Raquel Hinds, Tasmin Darling, Robert Meyers and Dr. T. Jennifer Edwards. Hand-crafted products by Bahamian artisans were on full display at the event, and the Shadow Band filled the halls with music throughout the evening.

Visit to explore the TDC’s new website and rebranding initiative.