Atlantis Resort held a seminar on human trafficking for employees on Thursday.  One of the presenters at the event was Trafficking In Persons Task Force Chairperson Assistant Superintendent of Police Indirah Belle.

Belle spoke to members of the media on the sidelines of the event explaining that hotel employees “can be the extra eyes and ears because hotels are a venue where trafficking incidents do happen.  And so when they see something they need to report it, be a good observer.  Once they have a good feeling about something report it to security so that security can make contact with the police so that that victim can be rescued.”

Atlantis Vice President of Public Affairs and Special Projects Viana Gardener said, “we are aware of some of the vulnerabilities.  We’re aware of the types of environments that trafficking in persons takes place and we wanted to ensure that our team members we sensitized to this, that our team members were aware as to what to look for, what to do it they see something that needs to be reported.  And we wanted to basically step up our game to ensure that we’re able to aid the Ministry of National Security Trafficking In Persons Unit.”

Sunday July 30th is recognized as World Day Against Trafficking In Persons.