Update #2 – PHA Institutions Experience Sick Out Impacting Services


The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) advises that the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and the Grand Bahama Health Services (GBHS) continue to experience a staff ‘sick out’ which has impacted services for a second day. As a result, the public can expect delays accessing services at these institutions. The Authority is recommending, where possible, the public access services at these institutions at a later date.

PMH Laboratory Services, Radiology and Diagnostics, Facilities Management, Housekeeping, and Groundskeeping Departments have reported staff shortages resulting in delays in services. The Morgue and Laundry Department have suspended services until further notice.

Additionally, Blood Donations have been suspended until further notice. At GBHS Community Health Services, staff shortages have forced the closure of Pharmacy Services with all pharmacies closed in Eight Mile Rock, Hawksbill and Pearce Plaza. Currently, the Freeport Community Clinic is only facilitating in-patients at the Rand Memorial Hospital, children and emergencies. Blood Donations have been impacted as Community Health Phlebotomy Services remain suspended. Community Health EKG Services is also experiencing delays in service. As a result of staff shortages, Community Health Dental Services have been minimized with services only being provided at the Hawksbill Community Clinic.

The Rand Memorial Hospital’s Radiology Department has reported staff shortages with regards to Ultrasound services. Staff shortages have also impacted RMH EKG Department and Laboratory resulting in delays in services. The Rand Memorial Hospital is also reporting that Switchboard operations have been impacted. Staff shortages are also experienced in Facilities Management (Building & Maintenance), Transport, and Housekeeping Departments. Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre continues to provide services to patients uninterrupted.

The public is advised to follow all announcements and public advisories from the Ministry of Health and Public Hospitals Authority regarding Health and Hospital Services.