Urban Renewal Marching Band prepares for royal performance

Members of the Urban Renewal Band “Revolutionized” Baby Gems dance troupe go through their practice routine Tuesday during the Band’s regularly scheduled practice Tuesday (March 22) at the Centreville Urban Renewal Centre and Grounds. (BIS Photo/Mark Ford)

Band Leaders, Instructors and members of the Urban Renewal ‘Revolutionized’ Marching Band have put the final touches on the Band’s return to live performances, urging fans of the Band and spectators in general to: “Be ready for a Royal Performance.”

Led by Band Director and Officer-in-Charge of the Urban Renewal Programme, Superintendent Campbell, the Urban Renewal Revolutionized Band plans to take centre stage during their performance Friday in Rawson Square as part of the celebrations surrounding the Royal Visit to The Bahamas of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. That performance will mark the Band’s re-entry after a two-year hiatus due
to COVID-19 Protocols.

“The performance is going to be awesome. It is going to be magical. It is going to be fit for royalty,” Superintendent Campbell said following the Band’s regularly scheduled Tuesday afternoon practice at the Centreville Urban Renewal Centre and grounds.

“We are going to take this nation to an entirely new level. What I want our viewing audience to do is to sit back and watch a showcase put on by talented, young, Bahamians from throughout New Providence and some of the Family Islands who will demonstrate the power of music to the world.” Superintendent Campbell, who resumed control of the Band almost seven weeks ago, said the Band’s growth in terms of membership over the past five weeks, has been “remarkable.”

“This programme is about the empowerment of our nation’s youth, utilizing the universal language of music so that they can be a blessing to themselves and their families, and so that they can help to build their respective communities in order for us to continue to be the greatest country, in my humble opinion, in the entire world.

“I must give kudos to all of the persons who have worked with this Programme over the past five weeks during which time 400 young persons from throughout New Providence, and from the ages of 5 to 18, from communities such as Ridgeland Park, Coconut Grove, Bain Town and Kemp Road, Fox Hill and Englerston and Carmichael, and from both private and public schools, who have come together in a unified harmony and the numbers are growing every day.

“I further thank the Band Team — persons such as Sergeant 1009 Pratt, Sergeant 3260 Ambrose, Sergeant 3403 Capron, Corporal 3851 Storr, and Police Constable 4339 Pratt, along with our entire Assistant Instructors led by Civilian Band Coordinator Matt Rolle — for the work they have been doing over the past five weeks.

“I want to thank our Band Instructors who have shown a consistent dedication to positively impact the lives of our youth, many of whom are youth themselves – presenting us with a great example of young people leading young people.

“They were participants of the Urban Renewal 2.0 Programme. They saw the impact their participation had on them and their families, and now they are here to assist the Police, to assist the Urban Renewal Commission, which is led by the Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Lisa T. Rahming. I thank the State-Minister, and Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Obadiah H. Wilchcombe for their support.

“I thank Commissioner of Police, Mr. Paul Rolle, for his support and his mandate. I also want to give a shout out to the parents of the Urban Renewal Revolutionized Band. We cannot do anything without their assistance and support. This Programme is a family-oriented one where parental participation, encouragement and support are key to us being successful.

“We have a mantra within the Band: ‘That it is far better and much less expensive to build a strong child, than to repair a broken man or woman. Glory be to God forever!” Superintendent Campbell said Friday’s performance in Rawson Square, will do just that.