An American female visitor to the country was killed in an attack by a shark while snorkeling with family near Green Cay.

Police Press Liaison, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene and told reporters, “we are investigating a shark attack on a female.”

The victim was part of a family from Pennsylvania visiting the country by cruise ship. She is believed to be in her late fifties. Chief Superintendent Skippings futher stated, “the family was reporting snorkeling in waters and that area is known for visitors to snorkel. Its further reported that family members observed the bull shark attacking the female. Family members along with operators of the boating company were able to rescue her, bought her onboard the tour company boat and brought her here to the Montague ramp which is the closet docking facility.”

Chief Superintendent Skippings explained the injuries that were sustained by the victim. She said, “I am told that five to seven persons were a part of that family who were at Green Cay snorkeling at that time. The upper extremities, she were bitten.”

This is the first fatal shark attack since the beginning of the pandemic and a return to normal activities. In 2019, a young 21 year old female from California lost her life after being attacked by a shark near Rose Island.