The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas held a relaunch and rebranding event at the Margaritaville Resort on Thursday where General Manager Clint Watson unveiled the new fall line up of shows for ZNS Television and Radio.

Before the event Senior Producer at ZNS Tanya Smith-Cartwright gave a preview.  She said, “we are about to relaunch ZNS programming with a slate of new shows and spiced up some of the shows that were already in existence.  So everybody is in there with bated breath waiting to see what we are coming up with.”

Smith-Cartwright gave details of some of the shows that will air live on weekdays. “We’re starting off at 4pm, the afternoon.  We have shows like Unleashed,  which is a show that everyone is waiting on to see what’s gonna happen there.  We have a really spicey host for that show.  He is going to talk about things that make headlines and what not.  That’s  gonna be followed by a lifestyle show, its called What’s Trending. So that’s where your gonna get your fashion, your romance, education, exercise, fitness, everything is gonna be rolled up.  We have some legal shows, the Legal Brief.  We have Judge Carroll which is gonna  actually try real cases, which is something new for local TV.”

The Senior Producer also spoke about the team that is contributing to the new look of ZNS under that leadership of the General Manager.  “There’s a lot of new staff that added to the already talented staff.  We have a lot of young people that have joined the staff, very creative people, graphic artists, creatives, you know they’re all lend their creative juices, if you may, to these new shows,” she said.

The new lineup of shows is slated to debut in late October.