Twenty workers were made redundant and given severance packages from the Freeport Container Port in Grand Bahama on Wednesday.

Director of Labour, Robert Farquharson confirmed the layoffs to ZNS Northern Service. “The Grand Bahama Container Port has decided to make twenty people, 2-0, twenty people redundant effective today. We were formally advised by the Freeport Container Port about this decision. The decision came into play primarily because of one.”

The Freeport Container Port is experiencing a downturn in business. The Director further explained, “last year in 2001 Grand Bahama Container Port after consultation with the government hired 120 persons. This 120 persons were hired because of the increase in demand, particularly the transshipment business. You know they had that supply chain issue with the backup. Since, between June 1st and December 1st the reduction of business at Grand Bahama reduced by 37%.”

Farquharson says that he met with the company to ensure that those impacted by the reduction exercise will be properly compensated.