After eight years of negotiations the Airport Airline and Allied Workers Union has signed an industrial agreement with the government.

The signing event took place at the Office of the Prime Minister this week. On hand were Chairman of the Airport Authority, Paul Bevans, Managing Director, Peter Rutherford and President of the Bahamas Public Service Union, Kimsley Ferguson.

Bevans said, “we at the Airport Authority our most important asset from day one at our board meeting, its the employees and we want to make sure that the employees were well taken care of. It took a long process to get it was like doing surgery.”

He went on saying, “we would like to now move forward and foster a great working relationship with with the union. The union, they’re not our enemies and we want them to understand that.”

For his part, union president Kimsley Ferguson said, “this morning we’re just elated and excited that its been concluded so that we can move on and I too, the Bahamas Public Service Union, views the bigger picture and now we can get down to the brass tax of ensuring that the visitors in this country have an awesome travel experience.”