All Women Team Celebrated International Women’s Day


Not a man in sight for this company of 12 women. Not by design of course but easier to celebrate International Women’s Day for all employees.

Easy PayDay General Manager Ruthie Knowles, standing fourth from left, said she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Despite an all-female team, we have developed a great rapport which translates in a positive work environment. The spacious office layout is also a plus.”

The ladies celebrated International Women’s Day with a tray of sweet treats for their incoming customers and a celebratory free hot staff lunch. Additionally, a donation will be made to a local women’s service group.

Standing from left to right are Demetranique Kelly, Feli Capron, Shanti Johnson, Ruthie Knowles, Avril Cooper, Lashanda Mackey and Melverne Cargill.