The Alpha Psi Alpha Fraternity awarded more than $4 million in scholarships to seventy Bahamian young men. The fraternity held its 36th Annual Alpha Psi Alpha Honours Day ceremony at the University of The Bahamas Performing Arts Center over the weekend where the awards were distributed.

President of the Alpha Psi Alpha IOTA Epsilon Lambda Chapter Kevin Basden said, “its a lot of work but its a labour of love and we’re doing this for the benefit of the young men as well as our country. Too often, as you are aware, one young man does something wrong it makes that news, they do things good and its silence. So here today, seventy of them, we’re celebrating their success affirming the good that men and young boys can still do. So we think its a very good thing. It’s a labour of love. Yes, it’s a lot of planning and organizing so in that regard I thank my brothers of the fraternity who all chip in to make it a success.”

One of the scholarship recipients Lyle Maycock said, “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to represent my school. Its been a great experience so far and I’m happy to be here. I’m grateful for the opportunity to network.”

Another awardee, Lamartin Nottage Jr. said, “it makes me feel very grateful for the opportunity that they provide for students like us. It makes me feel very motivated and feels like it gives chances for people from smaller homes or homes that aren’t as fortunate as others.”

The fraternity partnered with colleges and universities abroad for the initiative offering free tuition, room and board.