Amoury Co donates surveillance cameras to Bahamas Girl Guides new headquarters


Each day, news reports detail the rise in crime plaguing the country, a reality that brought together partners in protection — an organization dedicated to the welfare of young girls and a company that could provide the security they need by monitoring where they gathered.

Fast forward to a midweek day, Ms. Elma Garraway, Assistant Chief Commissioner Bahamas Girl Guides Association (BGGA) signed a contract with The Amoury Company to incorporate safety measures at the organisation’s new headquarters on West Bay Street, the second installation of its kind administered by technology provider The Amoury Company.

The donation to BGGA was made possible by the partnership between The Amoury Company and Eagle Eye, the parent company of the Drako Cloud Video Surveillance Grant, a grant valued at $1,000,000, which was first offered in the United States to assist schools and their surveillance models. The grant allows for the implementation and operation of security equipment in addition to cloud recording and a year’s monitoring service. Through negotiations, The Amoury Company was able to customize the grant per client basis and make it both applicable and accessible to the local market.  The first recipient benefiting from the grant was the Bahamas Humane Society.

“Our goal is to prevent people from acting after the fact,” said Jonathan Cancino, Vice President and General Manager, The Amoury Company. “We want to encourage communities to be proactive rather than reactive; a security system like this one will allow organizations to be prepared to face any unforeseen events. You have the ability to access footage at any time, so again you are being proactive even when you are not onsite.”

“We saw a demonstration of the cameras and we thought the gift of the first year’s monitoring was simply something we could not refuse because we know security is very expensive and we certainly would need it for our building,” said Mrs. Garraway, a representative of the organization that has been in operation in The Bahamas for 107 years. “We are happy and delighted that we only need the cameras to be installed and we are most grateful to The Amoury Company and Eagle Eye for the grant which provides that kind of protection and gives us such a wonderful, wonderful start with the security of our building.”

In 2018, BGGA began construction of its new headquarters and they were determined to get the building to a stage where some of its longest serving members would see the result of their lifelong work and dedication. A year later, BGGA turned to the public to raise $800,000 towards the completion of its three-storey building. As monetary and in-kind donations poured in, the organization faced issues including break-ins and theft setting the organization back. To prevent further loss, BGGA installed a surveillance system to add an extra level of security.

The relationship between The Amoury Company and BGGA will continue as the organisation works towards the completion of its Girls Empowerment Centre on the ground floor.

“This room will be special to Girl Guides, rangers and other girls in vulnerable areas of the community to gain different skills to be marketable and have a basis for given careers,” said Garraway. “It is a room that will be used consistently and I am sure that The Amoury Company, along with others, will help us. The more that people can pour into the work that we are doing, girls will benefit.”