The Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs commented on an investigation being conducted on claims that a local government council on the island of Andros was paid to clean a local beach after an independence weekend event.

The Hon. Clay Sweeting spoke with reporters outside of Cabinet on Tuesday. He said, “we are looking at the matter. I understand the concern and I’ve been apprised yesterday. So we’re looking at it, you know, it’s an allegation so we’re trying to see what the issue is. The allegation that they received funding to do some beach clean ups, so we’re looking at it.”

The Minister went further saying, “we will follow the letter of the law. So whatever the law states if they breach the issue and whatever it should be then we’ll follow that.”

The allegation came after the organizer of the event was accused of not cleaning up the beach where it took place. The man took offence and showed an alleged receipt received for payment to have the beach cleaned by the local government council.