The Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training announced changes to the criteria for the Bahamas National High School Diploma at a press conference held on June 1st.

Minister of Education and Technical and Vocational Training, the Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin was at the event and said, “we too are seeking to provide remedies for our students. Students who have lived a reality foreign to many of us at their ages. We are also learning however, the technological modalities and a changing global reality requires that periodically we review our approaches and methodologies in education and constantly monitor and measure outcomes to ensure the efficacious delivery of education to our youth population. it is not a fixed or static process.”

Recommendation has been made for the established of an Appeals and Justification Committee to address student’s concerns. Acting Director of Education Dominique McCartney-Russell spoke to the issue. “We have been advised that we must have that committee in place for August. And so certainly in the new school year between 2023 to 2024 that committee will actually be functioning and so August that committee will start their appeals process,” McCartney-Russell said.

The Acting Director went further saying, “once the Appeals and Justification Committee gets running all of those students who feel they have been disenfranchised can present their case. That is going to be separate from us. We want that committee to be a separate entity and they will present their cases and those students will go before that committee and have their cases heard. And if they are deserving they will certainly have a Bahamas High School Diploma.”

Minister Hanna-Martin announced the establishment of the commission to review the National High School Diploma in July 2022. The commission is chaired by Cecil Thompson.