Members of the Bahamas Nurses Union went to the polls to elect a new slate of officers this week. The current president of the union, Amancha Williams ran for the position of General Secretary after having served the permitted two terms as president.

Candidate for union president, Marsha Bain spoke to ZNS News about her plans should her candidacy be successful. “If I’m successful today I would plan to continue some of the things that we have started already that includes looking out for the best interest of our nurses as it relates to the working environment, working condition, pay increases and other allowances that the nurses are entitled to. And then we also have some future plans, we want to invest into purchase a property to build our own office complex and make business for our nurses cause once we invest in that it goes back into the nurses. And we also want to establish a credit union for our nurses.”

Philip Newton who is also running for president of the union said, “if I am successful there are a lot of challenges in the nursing profession and I feel that my help along with my team and the members that we could move nursing forward. Some of the biggest challenges in terms of facilities, the younger nurses are leaving and so forth so we face those type of challenges.”