The Chief Operations Officer at Bahamas Power and Lights spoke to ZNS News on the sidelines of the 2023 Bahamas Business Outlook event advising residents on the deployment of alternative energy sources in their homes.

Toni Seymour said, “so we’ve seen an increase in customers installing their own rooftop solar. As I mentioned there are some schools in New Providence that already have it. So what we would want our customers to do is come in apply for the Small Scale Renewable Generation program that we have where we come to your home we swap out your meter. So your meter will now read the energy that you consume as we as the energy that you put back into the grid and what that allows is for credits to be applied to your bill at the end of the month.”

Ms. Seymour also spoke about family islands where alternative energy deployment is becoming more common. “Exuma is one of the islands that is growing very rapidly. So we do have islands like Exuma, Eleuthera and Abaco in our short to medium term strategies in terms of boosting their generation capacity because we know that there a lot of new projects coming on stream, Long Island, for example, just had a ground breaking recently. So as these projects roll out, as a company we have to look at what facilities we have available on the island and then what new infrastructure we have to put in to accommodate these new developments. So its an ever changing strategy, it no one size fits all.”