Brazilian Embassy Donates 1200 Cases of Hand Sanitizer

Brizilian Embassy Donates to PHA 2022

The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) officially accepted a donation of one thousand two hundred (1200) cases of CoperalCool Bacfree 70% alcohol Hand Sanitizer from the Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in an official handover ceremony on Tuesday. Making the donation on behalf of the Embassy were Ambassador of Brazil Mr. Claudio Raja Gabaglia Lins accompanied by the Minister-Counsellor Ms. Mari Carmen Rail Gerpe.

Accepting the donation, which amounts to 14,400 39floz bottles of hand sanitizer, on behalf of the Public Hospitals Authority were Director of Foundations, Ms. Alana Major; Assistant Director, Ms. Shavonne Burrows, Supplies Management Agency and Mr. Branwell Rolle, Supplies Management Agency. Ms. Burrows noted, the hand sanitizer can, “eliminate germs and bacteria by 99.95%.

The PHA institutions and the Department of Public Health will benefit significantly from its usage as it can provide defense against the spread of the Corona Virus and other infections and at the same time moisturize the skin.”

Deployment of the hand sanitizer to PHA institutions from the donated supply has already begun. Wards at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, and the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama have received cases of hand sanitizer.

Further disbursements to public health system facilities will be undertaken as a part of the normal inventory management functions of the Supplies Management Agency.

The Authority is grateful to the Embassy of Brazil and to all domestic and international donors who continue to support and assist The Bahamas public health system.

Source: P.H.A

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Brizilian Embassy Donates to PHA 2022