BTC Delivers Fiber to Another 10k Homes, Copper Network Shutdown Imminent


BTC has announced that it has completed upgrades in more than twenty communities in New Providence and Grand Bahama, connecting 10,000 homes with super-fast fiber-to-the-home services during the first quarter of 2022, a record- breaking feat for the leading telecoms company.

“Our teams haven’t missed a moment,” said BTC CEO, Andre Foster. “We kicked off the new year in high gear. We’re committed to ensuring that every household in this country has access to next generation value packed broadband services at the most competitive prices. We continue to deliver unmatched connectivity and superior value for our communities. In the last three months, we focused our efforts on upgrades in Southern New Providence and Abaco.”

Newly upgraded communities in New Providence include South Beach Estates, Pinewood Gardens, additional portions of East Street, Cowpen Road, Coral Harbour, Coral Vista and Coral Heights and Fort Charlotte. To date, BTC has significantly upgraded the islands of Rum Cay, Crooked Island, San Salvador, Long Island, Abaco, Grand Bahama, and New Providence with fiber to the home services.

“In addition to this being a record quarter for network upgrades, we’ve also exceeded our aggressive targets for new customers to join BTC. With such a demand for fiber services, we’ve had to ramp up the number of installations we do each day. And with more than 35% of our
sales happening on the ground through our field sales team, we’ve developed new partnerships with organizations including The Gladstone Road Farmers Market and the Urban Renewal Marching Band. We’ve also teamed up with broadcaster Eyewitness News on their community initiatives. These partnerships help to make our neighborhood community sales events even more exciting. We’ve left no stone unturned this quarter, and we will continue to fire on all cylinders,” Foster continued.

By the end of the year, BTC hopes to decommission its copper networks in communities that have been fully “fiberized”, providing a more robust and reliable service for customers.

“We are confident that we are ready to fully shut down our copper network in communities, where we have a full fiber buildout. Our copper network was fit for purpose for many years, but we’ve reached the point where it is not practical or efficient to manage two networks. In some areas where we haven’t deployed fiber, we have enhanced our copper services to provide better speeds. Customers in those areas will be automatically upgraded to the new network when it becomes available.” Foster noted.

When upgrading to BTC’s fiber to the home service, customers receive a minimum of 100mbps of speed directly to their homes. The fiber connection goes directly to the home, and it is not shared with other customers, making the service fast and very reliable. Customers have the option of bundling IP television, landline, and mobile services with fiber at competitive rates.