BTC Introduces Smart Solutions for Business Customers


Small business customers account for more than 85% of BTC’s business clientele and over the years, the company has adapted its
operations to respond efficiently and effectively to this growing niche market. BTC has introduced a number of smart solutions including an exclusive contact center to provide local support just for small and medium business customers. Additionally, BTC has added more value including free websites to its customized bundled offers that were rolled out late last year.

The new SMB contact center, 302-7200, operates 24 hours per-day, seven days a week and is serviced by local team members. The contact center provides landline, broadband, mobile and television support. Customers can also access information about their account and even inquire about billing using this platform.

Sharing on the company’s enhanced services to small business customers, BTC CEO André Foster said, “We know that many small businesses suffered significant challenges as a result of the pandemic, and for some it was an opportunity to reposition, renew and in some cases launch new businesses. In all cases we are confident that going digital and virtual are a part of the transformation that COVID19 has thrust upon all businesses, regardless of size. This year, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on creating a frictionless experience for our SMB customers and we believe our focus on support and creating innovative, value-rich, propositions have propelled us and our customers in the right direction. We continue to innovate to meet the needs of this vastly growing sector and have improved and simplified the way in which our customers interact with us. In addition to that, we’ve added even more value to our customer value propositions allowing our customers to optimize and customize their businesses for the customer of tomorrow.”

Customers now signing up for any of BTC’s ‘Essential’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Elite’ small business plans have the opportunity to receive a free customized website. Both new and existing customers that upgrade to our new and exciting packages, can take full advantage of this new website initiative – with complete e-commerce functionality. The savings don’t end there as customers who sign up for the ‘Elite’ plan will receive an iPhone 12 device free of charge, while customers who sign up for the ‘Advanced’ plan will receive a Samsung Tablet for only $50.

“We believe that adding a free website to our bundles will be hugely beneficial for our small business customers. This will enable them to promote their business and move towards the era of a digital experience for their customers. Late last year, we introduced
a suite of new plans providing access of up to 600mbps of broadband service. This is coupled with a corporate mobile plan which includes a wide variety of handset options to meet the demands of any business segment or size. There are no other plans like
this on the market and we are proud to deliver this kind of value-rich proposition to our small business customers,” Foster continued.

BTC also launched a new website specifically designed to meet the needs of its business customers who can now go to the website to create the broadband, mobile and landline package that will work for them.