Latest development on covid-19 vaccinations


Officials of covid vaccine manufacturer Moderna says it plans to have a third booster shot of the vaccine ready for the fall.

Company statistics show that with both doses, the vaccine has a 90 percent efficacy against the coronavirus. Pfizer has a similar plan in the works as well.

As the country continues the roll out of the AstraZeneca vaccine, infectious disease specialist, Dr Nikkiah Forbes weighed in on this latest development.

“I don’t know for sure how long the immunity from the covid-19 vaccines will last; and then there’s also the emerging new variants of which some vaccines are not fully effective.

“So there have been tweaks in vaccines already to cover those newer variants and it is highly possible that vaccinations for covid-19 could be like the flu shot could be like the flu shot where you get a booster dose; but the scientific community is still looking at that in terms of how long the immunity will last and we don’t fully know for sure if that’s what’s gonna be needed right now really needed in terms of getting a booster” Forbes said.