BTC provides small business customers with invaluable marketing tips

From left to right: Masterclass speakers Melissa Joy Dalton, a certified business coach and talent leader; Dr. Gillian Curry, a business owner and fashion designer; and Keron Rose, a digital marketing expert and brand ambassador.

BTC has once again hosted another free Masterclass to give business owners the opportunity to develop their marketing skills, perfect their pitch and grow their business. The valuable information that small business owners and entrepreneurs were able to glean from BTC’s InKnowvation Masterclass held on October 26th was priceless, with the event being dubbed a “smashing success” by the event’s presenters and many attendees.

Business owners also got the opportunity to take home valuable nuggets from international and local speakers Keron Rose, a digital marketing expert and brand ambassador; Melissa Joy Dalton, a certified business coach and talent leader and Dr. Gillian Curry-Williams, a business owner and fashion designer.

Carole Barnett, BTC’s Executive Senior Manager for Marketing said the recent InKnowvation Masterclass was an avenue for small business owners to hear from the professionals on the many ways to make their business thrive, whether operating face- to-face or digitally.

“Our InKnowvation Masterclass series continues to be in high demand,” Barnett said. “We brought in our international experts, and we also included our customers and experts here on the ground to have them impart knowledge to our customers. What we have learned at this year’s Masterclass is you have to invest in yourself; you must develop yourself as a business owner.”

Digital Strategist Keron Rose, also a presenter at the InKnowvation Masterclass, spoke to attendees about the importance of taking advantage of various social media channels and how to create content to build their company’s digital presence.

“Every single platform you use today wants content and across the Caribbean we don’t create content,” Rose said. “All we like to do is create ads and there is no value in ads because when we see ads, we skip over them.” He also told business owners that they must constantly upgrade their skillset and knowledge because strategies that worked five years ago are no longer being used today.

“Your best thinking from five years ago is your baggage today,” Rose said. “There are many bosses and CEO’s who say, ‘we have always done it like this’ and those are Flintstone tactics because it’s 2023 and we must evolve.”

Rose said events like InKnowvation should be held on a regular basis because business owners are always in need of constant training. He noted that the digital marketing world changes almost every single day and there is always a new update, a new app, or a new strategy.

InKnowvation presenter Dr. Gillian Curry-Williams, a fashion designer, and the owner of Remelda Rose Designs, told InKnowvation guests that they must be unique in the services that they offer, get to know their customers, and always give quality service.

“Know that your name is on the line and your customers will always call your name if something goes wrong. Having integrity and a good name is so important in business because people will push you under the rug after one mistake. You could do 20 different things, but they will push you under the rug on one mistake so get to know your customers and know that your customers are not alike.”

InKnowvation presenter Melissa Joy Dalton told attendees that they must remain authentic and true to themselves, and they must also have confidence. “The minute you start to emulate someone else it’s not authentic,” Dalton said. “You must be unique, you must have passion, and know that your passion cannot be duplicated or taken away as it is your motivator. Your passion needs to come out in your elevator speech to prospective customers. And as for confidence, you cannot be timid.”

Dalton said all entrepreneurs and business owners should have InKnowvation as their development plan in the future. “I think that it is so important for small businesses to have an organization like BTC that cares about their survival and them being able to thrive,” she said.

Benedicta Damas, the owner of a barbering business who attended the InKnowvation event, said it was great to be in a room filled with like-minded entrepreneurs who were all eager to learn and take their business to the next level.

“The Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted my business, and I am now making moves to reopen and relaunch, so hearing from the speakers and picking up new strategies and tips was just what I needed. I am most definitely looking forward to the next event,”
Damas said.

Albert Thompson, the Manager of Essence Medspa said: “My team and I had an amazing time at InKnowvation. We met so many other business owners and we were able to share our experiences and the event was simply amazing.”

BTC offers many Smart Solutions to help businesses thrive digitally and operate more efficiently. From website development and management to a 24-hour digital helpdesk and e-marketing. Small business owners interested in any of these services can call

Business owners packed the Fusion Superplex on October 26 th to attend BTC’s InKnowvation
Masterclass, which gave business owners the opportunity to develop critical small business skills,
perfect their pitch, and grow their business through digital marketing.

Seen from left to right are NIB representative Jemma Roache; InKnowvation host Valdez Russell; Stacy
Mackey, BTC’s Marketing Manager; InKnowvation speaker Melissa Joy Dalton; InKnowvation speaker Dr.
Gillian Curry-Williams; InKnowvation speaker Keron Rose; BTCs; Communications Manager Tamara
McKenzie and Carole Barnett, BTC’s Senior Executive Manager of Marketing.

Juanita Rolle and Yvette Clarke of BTC’s Small & Medium Business (SMB) team welcome InKnowvation
guests as they arrive.

Rashad Fox and Gerrard Butler of BTC’s Small & Medium Business (SMB) team present InKnowvation
guests with BTC giftbags upon arrival.

Members of team BTC welcome guests as they arrive to attend last week’s InKnowvation at Fusion Superplex.