Activist and independent candidate in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election, Terneille Burrows recently spoke with ZNS News about her election campaign.

Speaking about her canvassing efforts on Grand Bahama Burrows said, “everyone that I spoke to is on one accord. They have some concerns that everyone shared.  Some concerns were specific to particular neighbourhoods like the park with the Pine Forest crew and we now see them standing up for themselves.”

The independent candidate and strong advocate for the protection of children also released a plan for the constituency.  Burrows said, “I still stand by my initial point, in parliament standing for child protection legislation and improvements and facilities and training to be in place.  Also, creative industries is what I’m a professional at so I want to ensure that we don’t just have…jobs or security jobs or menial jobs, in quotations, but we find ways to build careers especially for young people who have talent and skills and abilities that just haven’t been tapped into.”

The West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election will be held on November 22nd.