Call For Resignation Of Immigration Minister


A delegation of the Free National Movement (FNM) led by Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Michael Pintard stood on the steps of the Department of Immigration on Thursday calling for the resignation of the Minister of Labour and Immigration, the Hon. Keith Bell. Minister Bell conferred citizenship on the wife and children of Franck Racine at his funeral service last weekend. A recording of the event subsequently went viral on social media.

Pintard said, “Mr. Bell, for all the work he claims to have been doing recently, has just eroded the confidence of this public that he has any moral authority to continue to do this job.”

The Opposition Leader also said, “that official letter also informs that applicant of the cost of successful application and gives them a one year period to respond and pay that fees. So while we demand the resignation of Minister Bell we remind all Bahamians that the entire Cabinet is responsible for the approval and granting of Bahamian citizenship.”

When questioned on the issue at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister, Deputy Press Secretary Keishla Adderley said, “Minister Keith Bell has conceded that it was something that was unorthodox, certainly no rules or laws were broken in the execution of that swearing in ceremony. It is something that the two have discussed, the Minister and the Prime Minister. And certainly its not something that anyone would like to see happen again.”